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This is OYR


"Off Yer Rocka"  is currently targeting new as well as existing rock and metal artists, while offering a complete worldwide musical solution in over 36 languages including Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic and Russian. Our whole backend will be linked to the emc3i marketing machine, which ultimately connects it, to every division in our portfolio as well as our 5 satellite press offices around the Globe..

Our digital distribution is working in over 220 countries worldwide over nearly 10,000 digital retail platforms. Our Physical distribution is now operating in over 112 countries and is handled by various distributors worldwide, making OYR a one stop vertically integrated musical proposition.

We will also supply physical for touring and export stock for all European destinations. This will be backed up by our satellite offices and our own internal PR team who will handle most of Europe and North America.

Our vision is to make OYR a one stop VI solution for any artist, who can now basically carry out all their activity with one company and have real time access to see its progress in motion.

This is not a new area for us, far from it, however, the way we have built the software and integrated it into our new multi lingual marketing platforms will evolutionise the way we can reach markets and sell directly.

We are wholeheartedly excited at what we can offer and have the A&R scouts out now, as well as running our own in house young blood bands comp HTH. Highway to Hell 5,has now voted down to 18 finalists for this years September Rock Factor in Glasgow. National winner gets a worldwide record deal with OYR plus some festival slots with its sister brands HRH

Some may have initially described our approach as mad, but after 2 years we've proved them all wrong, because we are, in a matter of a phrase...Off our Rocka's !!


If you want to join the crusade or just get in touch to send us some material in

ring 08700 110034 or e mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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Rocka Reviews

This just released debut album by the three lads from Neath in Wales, is in my opinion just exceptional !!!  Packed full of veracious old school classic rockin riff’s straight from the U.K.’s very own West coast, these guys I’m sure could out rock the very best the U.S. could possibly produce!


The Texas Flood


After reviewing their previous four track EP on Planetmosh back in November 2013, I thought then that they could well be something special to look out for. Now with this new album, I think I was well justified in what I said at the time about the musical style and the brilliant professional feel they all project. I still stand by my comment that they have a real honest feel for the vintage sound, in an absolutely staggering way!! Not only have they got the grip of a titan around the neck of this genre, they’ve taken it, throttled it, and then remolded it to recreate their own unique sound!


Kicking it off is the very loud and very lively track number one ‘ Cards‘. “Put ya card’s on the table!”  This is just what they have done with this opening song, with a corker of an opening riff. Heavy on the drums, it comes with a great beat to get ya’ll rockin. All the lyrics on this album are easy to hear ( something I always like ) so makes it easier to learn them if you want and have a sing-along with the lads. The whole album has that ‘ feel good ‘ factor not unlike the Black Crows mixed with a bit of AC/DC !  I tell ya, for guys of this age to belt out such mature songs like these on this album takes me back to the early days of such bands like Deep Purple, Free and the like, who took the rock scene by storm back in the 70’s.  Could this be the start of something pretty major? I have no idea, but I’m sold already!  Rock N Roll is alive and kicking ass!!


‘Rock And Roll Queen‘ encapsulates just about everything I’ve just said. Filled with again brilliant drum and base rhythms, and the guitar solo half way into the song just makes my toes curl to the point I fall over!! Clear lyrics on every song, every time from Tom Sawyer, who’s distinctive style just tops off the epic sound of The Texas Flood. If I keep banging on like this you’ll start thinking I actually like this band! Guess what? I think their F-in stunning!!


‘Getting It Up‘  once more the mastery of the lead guitar’s strings on this track could easily have been mistaken for the legendary Snowy White playing. So smooth, so cool, so go buy it and you find out why I’m so pumped up about this one.


The Texas Flood


The Texas Flood are:-


Tom Sawyer – Guitar and Vocals

Tom Williams – Drums

Ben Govier – Bass



The Album:-

1. Cards

2. A Little More

3. Let The Wind Blow

4. Linda

5. Rock And Roll Queen

6. Didn’t Need To Say

7. Honey

8. Long Time

9. Getting It Up

10. Stuck On You

11. Take My Time

12. Bulletproof




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by Marcus Kemp at 06 August 2014, 2:25 AM


You know, ever since I heard the word NWOBHM, I had no idea what it meant until one day my curiosity led me to Google it and find out what it stands for. In-case you don’t know what it means, it stands for New Wave Of British Heavy Metal which these days is a very appropriate term to use as there are a large number of new British Heavy Metal and Hard Rock bands exploding onto the scene.


One of these new bands exploded onto the NWOBHM scene a few years ago and since then they’ve made quite a name for themselves and this year they have launched their explosive debut album. The band? They go by the name of SKAM and they hail from Leicester in the UK. With two self-produced EP’s and one debut album entitled “It’s Come To This” under their belt, SKAM are ready to release their second album onto the scene but the question is, is it a worthy successor to the debut or a failed follower? Let us find out shall we?


Since their formation, SKAM have played a total of 250 gigs across and have been dubbed as “Leicester Legends” and have also supported several major rock bands including THE WILDHEARTS, LAIKA DOG, BLAZE BAILEY and DEL BONHAM’s STRAY. As for the statistics of their live shows, they have played a sold out show to 350 people in Liverpool at the Capacity Club and they have even played to a staggering crowd of 7000 at Glastonbudget in 2010.


Known for their explosive stage shows and Hard Rock sound, they are quite popular here in the UK and they may have just gained themselves a new fan in the form of myself. Anyway, I better get on with this review and talk about their new CD “Peacemaker” which is out today (July 28th 2014) but by the time this review is published, it will already be out there.


One incredible fact about this album is that it is entirely self funded and I’m happy to say that it is not money wasted. The album kicks off with a short instrumental called “Langundo” which according to the review conducted by PlanetMosh pays homage to Spaghetti Western before launching into the opening number “Make You Pay” which gives you a little taster of what to expect from the rest of the album.


There may be a couple of slow tracks on here such as “The Wire” and “Precious Stone” but they are not ballads so if you were expecting to hear a ballad look elsewhere as this band are all about Hard Rock and in your face melodies and riffs. Produced by MATT ELLISS (TERRORVISION, BLACK SPIDERS, LAIKA DOG, GROOP DOGDRILL), “Peacemaker” clocks in at 45 minutes long with a short opening instrumental followed by 11 heavy in your face Hard Rock tracks including “Rivers”, the title track “Peacemaker”,  “Fortune Favours The Brave”, “In The Zone” and the closing track “More Or Less”.


Although I have never listened to the debut from SKAM as I have only heard about them recently but if I were to hear it now after finishing this review, I would most likely enjoy it as this second follow up album “Peacemaker” is a worthy successor to the debut and SKAM have the right to hang onto their title of “Leicester Legends”.


From the first track to the last, there is a good constant flow of energy, shredding guitars, heart pounding drum beats, groovy bass lines and powerful vocals from this three piece British Hard Rock band and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes Hard Rock, British Rock or NWOBHM music.

To read more click here -

Pontus Snibb: Wreck of Blues Review

Wreck of Blues

Pontus Snibb is a Swede that excels at American Blues. Snibb plays guitar and sings as a solo effort, but for this one, he’s brought a band to take the music one step further. Hakan Nyberg joins Snibb on Drums with Micke Nilsson on bass. The band sounds (and looks) like they’re channeling the best of ’70s Rock. Their latest album, Wreck of Blues is funky, gritty and danceable.


The first track, “More Blues and Blue Sounds” brings exactly that to the table. It’s a classic blues track that doesn’t sound dated. It sounds authentic. “Same Same” keeps the feeling rolling. Lyrically, “Same Same” is very fun. Most people can relate to the feeling of getting sick of going through the notions and this song hits on that with an array of metaphors that make even the mundane seem interesting.


“No Peace of Mind” features a unique percussion section. This song is set up well to highlight Snibb’s voice, which is very strong. This song seems made to be an interactive fan-favorite. A common theme in plenty of blues rock is the Boogie Man, and of course, Pontus Snibb was not going to pass up an opportunity to touch on the topic. In this iteration, Snibb compares himself to the mythical creature in the track “Boogie Man.” Plenty of electrifying guitar riffs are sprinkled into this song. “Longing For You” has a fantastic psych-rock vibe to it.


“I’m Walking” features a picking intro with an acoustic guitar, which gives Snibb’s voice a haunting sound. As the track goes on, the electric guitar is reintroduced to the album, which sounds great paired with the bass line of the track. In “Turning Back The Clock,” truly sings the sad woman-induced blues.


Wreck of Blues wraps up with the final two tracks. In “One’s Too Many” the bass line is deep and Snibb is able to harmonize pleasantly with two other vocalists. As the song goes on, we hear plenty of guitar riffs to please the guitar-happy fans. Leaving on a loud note, Wreck of Blues ends with “Keep on Loving Me.”


Wreck of Blues is easy on the ears. It’s an album that channels a classic blues rock sound without sounding like a broken record.  Snibb has a strong and smooth voice that is cohesive with tight instrumentals that don’t sound overly polished.


The Review: 7.5/10


Can’t Miss Tracks


– Same Same

– Longing for You

– I’m Walking

– No Peace of Mind


The Big Hit


– No Peace of Mind


Review by Alysha Rendflesh - Read full review here -

Vargas Blues Band

From The Dark

Off Yer Rocka Recordings


Javier Vargas fronts the band, his musical influences have been shaped by living in Argentina and Venezuela, moving to the USA and living in Spain. Having played the guitar for most of his life firstly a Spanish Guitar moving onto electric guitar at twelve it isn’t surprising that this album is guitar driven rock that draws its influences from many musical streams including the blues.

Vargas Blues Band, From the Dark have created a true crossover sound melding and blending musical textures and tones to create a sound that is uniquely his. This is the album that showcases his stellar guitar skills with intuitive and slide guitar and lead breaks that soar and crash melodically into the support of the rhythm section. The cherries on top of this musical cake are the vocals of Gaz Pearson, as they articulate and flow around the words that wrap around the guitar creating a homogenous sound making this album stand out from the crowd.


The album opening track makes a statement from the off with Bye Bye Zombie this is a crescendo of sound punctuated with some stylish use of the wah-wah pedal in the solo’s that gets your musical ear engaged you want to hear the rest of the album.

We have a change of beat and emphasis with Latino driven blues riffs on Moon Light Blues, this track cements the power of Gaz’s vocals and Javier’s guitar work and the only time the hints of his South American influences are heard.


This is an album that has tracks that have a beat and rhythm that would fit into many a radio station, coincidently both starting with ‘R’; Radioactivity and Runaway. It is his trademark slide guitar with its bluesy sound that gives this album a tone not found on energetic guitar-centric rock inspired music full of melodic power chords and searing bending of the strings with a twist of the blues added to the mix.


The cover of Palace Of the King has great backing vocals but this track has been re-hashed so many times it does not add anything to the album, From the Dark would be just as good without another variant of this perennially recorded ad-played anthem.


Roy’s Blues and Esperanto draw the album to a close and it is that combo of Vargas and Pearson that lingers on and makes this album an enjoyable listen


If you love guitar with attitude and lots of tonal texture combined with powerful vocals, from a guitarist who has played with an eclectic mix of stars including Prince, Chris Rea, Frank Marino, Junior Wells, Glen Hughes & Devon Allman on stage and in the studio; delivering music that refuses to be of-a-type, then this is an album for you.


Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch


Band Members

Javier Vargas: Guitar

Gaz Pearson: Vocals

Luis Mayuo: Bass

Peter Kunst: Drums

Additional Musicians

Tamas Szasz: Keyboards

Roberto Daiqui: Spanish Guitar

Special Guest: Backing Vocals

Dani Wilde & Chris Jagger


Track Listing

1. Bye Bye Zombie

2. Let It Go

3. Moonlight Blues

4. Runaway

5. Palace of The King

6. Radioactivity

7. Inner Sun

8. Stealer of Love

9. Out Of The Dark

10. Roy Blues

11. Esperanto

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