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This is OYR


"Off Yer Rocka"  is currently targeting new as well as existing rock and metal artists, while offering a complete worldwide musical solution in over 36 languages including Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic and Russian. Our whole backend will be linked to the emc3i marketing machine, which ultimately connects it, to every division in our portfolio as well as our 5 satellite press offices around the Globe..

Our digital distribution is working in over 220 countries worldwide over nearly 10,000 digital retail platforms. Our Physical distribution is now operating in over 112 countries and is handled by various distributors worldwide, making OYR a one stop vertically integrated musical proposition.

We will also supply physical for touring and export stock for all European destinations. This will be backed up by our satellite offices and our own internal PR team who will handle most of Europe and North America.

Our vision is to make OYR a one stop VI solution for any artist, who can now basically carry out all their activity with one company and have real time access to see its progress in motion.

This is not a new area for us, far from it, however, the way we have built the software and integrated it into our new multi lingual marketing platforms will evolutionise the way we can reach markets and sell directly.

We are wholeheartedly excited at what we can offer and have the A&R scouts out now, as well as running our own in house young blood bands comp HTH. Highway to Hell 5,has now voted down to 18 finalists for this years September Rock Factor in Glasgow. National winner gets a worldwide record deal with OYR plus some festival slots with its sister brands HRH

Some may have initially described our approach as mad, but after 2 years we've proved them all wrong, because we are, in a matter of a phrase...Off our Rocka's !!


If you want to join the crusade or just get in touch to send us some material in

ring 08700 110034 or e mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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Rocka Reviews

Bonafide – Messin in Wales DVD

Review - Sue Ashcroft - Fireworks

Bonafide are one of the best live bands around and this DVD, filmed in December at Hafan Y Mor holiday park in Wales at Hard Rock Hell, shows just how good their oh-so-catchy, upbeat, straight ahead rock songs are.

This was the last date on Bonafide’s tour to promote the album Ultimate Rebel, their fourth studio album.

The first song ‘Doing the Pretty’ is just so good, I think I could just listen to it over and over – in fact, first time I watched this DVD, I went back and watched this song 3 times in a row!

Pontus Snib has such an amazing stage presence. He’s not the best looking guy in the world, but whatever it is you need to be a good front man, he’s got it in spades. With a lot of Bon Scott influences in his delivery, his gravelly performance and amusing asides to the audience are just gems.  Add to this, his now almost legendary forays into the crowd during ‘Loud Band’, where he high fives almost everyone in the audience (in this instance, the DVD cuts to ‘musak’ with a screen which eventually says “meanwhile – 20 minutes later……”), the feel good factor just goes on and on with this band.

The entire album is upbeat – no ballads for Bonafide!

Dancing girls, fire eaters, angle grinders – even brief appearances from Quireboys  frontman Spike and legendary DJ Krusher Jool just add to the party atmosphere and show the amount of respect and affection this band garner from other performers.

Lead guitarist Mikael Fassberg is an awesome player and really adds feel to the songs, whilst bassist Martin Ekelund is an odd character, dressed in a red suit, but he seems to like to climb on things a lot, posing for the audience like a supermodel. Drummer Niklas Mattsen is a monster and a hard hitter if ever there was one. All together, they gel and are as tight as a band who’ve been together a great many years than they have in their present form.

If I had one small – and I mean tiny – criticism of the production, it’s that it’s taken out 90% of the crowd noise. While it does look like everyone is enjoying themselves, the all but muted sound makes it all a bit flat – something that a Bonafide gig is anything but!

If you can ever catch these guys live, do it! You won’t be sorry. If you can’t, or if you just can’t get enough of them, then buy the DVD. Feel good all the way!

REVIEW: Bonafide - Les-Fest Review by Metal

With over sixty bands performing over the previous three nights, the organizers of Les-Fest needed a big crowd pleaser to headline the last night, and this is exactly what they got with Swedish hard rock four piece Bonafide, and the front of the main stage is absolutely packed as the band take to the stage before they proceed to play a set that you can't help but enjoy. I mean, who at Les-Fest doesn't like a solid set of classic rock numbers in the vein of AC/DC?

See trhe rext of this awesome review by clicking below




“a faultless, highly charged and, above all, seriously quality set of songs on a rock album that's possibly the most listener-friendly of its kind that you'll hear in ages”

Me and this Glasgow Classic Rock band go back a fair way now. At a point when they'd just released their first independently made CD EP's, and thanks to advice from Marina of SAZ who was doing Mermaid Rock Promotions with me at the time, we asked this band to play a gig for us in Dexters or Hustlers and these guys just blew us away. Subsequent to that, I think they did one more gig and our first Rock Festival – and still blew us away. Now they're onto albums – this is the latest and, guess what? - yep, they're still blowing us away – well, Marina will be once she hears it....

A quartet from Glasgow, they've come a long way – and this album shows it. Although still Classic Rock & Metal, the arrangements, production, writing and playing are a light year ahead of the previous album, and that was superb!!

Things kick off with an orchestral-tinged instrumental intro before the band blast off into “Beyond Forever” with mighty rhythms, pounding drumming, a river of bass, and sizzling riffs that are positively supercharged. Above this a huge swathe of guitars scythes through the airwaves as the gruff lead vocals take off. There's a richness to the work in addition to the all-out attack, while the song itself is laced with harmonies to give extra depths and the chorus is highly memorable. Then, with a tumble of phased drumming, they launch headlong into “Flight 180” with clipped incendiary guitar riffs, more driving, pounding rhythm work, this time the bass threatening to shake the foundations, as the clipped arrangement lets the vocal soar on top , a veritable blitz of stop-start riffs and rhythms. Then the song surges ahead with more harmonies, a tidal wave of guitar work and an almost Ozzy-esque feel to the song as a whole, sort of “Ozzy-meets-AOR” type of thing, as a heated guitar break lights up proceedings then it's back into the heavy rock riffs and floor-shaking rhythms.

“Close Shave” is a whirlwind of guitars that seem to stretch in all directions, while the multi-tracked vocals span the range as this brooding slice of molten rock pours out like lava from an erupting volcano as the verses leap into mile-high hooks, the song once again standing tall in the midst of the raging rock that's swirling dramatically all around, guitars exploding like solar flares. “Long Ride Home” begins with twangy acoustic guitars before a gorgeous lead electric comes into play, the rhythms roll along gently, then the band just explode as this amazing intro unfolds to perfection, settling down into a mid-paced rock-ballad that's still heavy but with a vast expanse to its guitars-driven arrangement as miles of vocals, guitars, solid bass and even more solid drumming conjure a dynamic power-ballad of epic proportions.

“Killer Carousel” erupts, then, as guitars chime, in comes this dirty great hulking guitar riff, searing heat electric slide and more thunderous, deliberate rhythms, as the singer just flies through the verses, diving into a chorus, the lifting off once again as the rock really rolls. The title track opens with pounding bass before this scything guitar heat riffs away to infinity, the vocal rage returns and this muscular slice of Classic Rock really comes into its own, arguably the most commercially memorable song on the album so far, one you'll headbang and air guitar with reckless abandon, at home, at gigs and in the car (don't try it, kids....) - a stormer of a song with dirty guitar riffs the size of the Grand Canyon and every bit as breathtaking, not to mention more blood-stirring lead guitar, before the band decide to bludgeon you into submission this time, something you'll welcome with a smile on your face as the guitar riffs crush your skull with mesmerising impact. “Aftershow” starts with cyclical bass, clipped guitar riffs and a singer soaring high above it as the drums beat deliberately and the bass joins the riffing. Then it all accelerates and drives like an out of control truck as they get the brakes back on just in time to deliver another verse before flying into another sky-high chorus.

“In Concert With The Mirror” is a crushing delight of a song that drills holes in your head in the best possible way as riffs, rhythms, leads, brief synth textures and huge-sounding vocals unleash one monster of rock to jaw-dropping proportions, flying into another mile-wide chorus with all guns blazing and much more besides. The album finishes on “End Of An Era”, initially calming then flying overhead like a comet in the night sky, as beautiful and emotive as it is awe-inspiring and attention-grabbing, and although only just over three and a half minutes long, a truly epic way to end what's been a faultless, highly charged and, above all, seriously quality set of songs on a rock album that's possibly the most listener-friendly of its kind that you'll hear in ages.

Andy G / The Sound

Attica Rage 88MPH - Review

Prepare for a serious case of hair envy, as Scottish thrash monster Attica Rage throw us a new album in the shape of 88MPH and we were primed, neck supports at the ready to share it with the world and break a few neck bones in the process.

There I was, vest on, beer in hand, wig fixed in place and any potential eye gauging ornaments moved safely out of harms way. I was poised to give my neck a thrashing it hadn’t felt since that night I can’t talk about anymore, I pressed play…. hang on. A string opening? a mellow, beautiful string opening to a heavy metal album, I thought only Metallica did that. I was wrong and I like it, it’s the perfect start to the album, the calm before the storm, the chance to gather your final thoughts before BOOM! the hammer drops and all hell breaks loose.

First track Beyond Forever a typically slamming rock track with great riffs, so loud it feels like it was recorded in a steel press, banging away at your brain relentlessly drawing you into the song. By this time I’m nodding like Churchill merrily following that great beat.

Each track is a classic, not one single filler, just bone crushing motorbike metal with ample amounts of squealing guitar solos and a drum line that bangs harder than a teenage couples headboard. The vocals delivered by Johny with Colin are a pitch perfect exhibition of what real rock voices should sound like, up there in the realms of Zakk Wylde in the Pride and Glory days.

My favourite track is the 80′s-esque Long Ride Home, but it’s in no way a stand out track, the whole album features a host of impressive tracks. Want my advice? no? well I don’t care you’re having it! buy this album when it comes out 4th February 2013.

Go and see Attica Rage on their website, MySpace or Facebook while I go put some ice on my neck and try to get the glue off this fucking wig!!

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